Our philosophy
The cultivation of the product



Now more than ever, eating has become a militant act. The consumer wants to understand the history of the product, to choose better and therefore eat better. He wants to give meaning to his purchase. He is looking for an authentic product made with respect for the environment and animals, working for a sustainable economy. Convinced of this approach, we travel the globe in search of gourmet treasures and select authentic products, with a unique taste, which put people and the land at the heart of their wealth. By selecting these outstanding craftsmen who perpetuate ancestral skills, we are committed to preserving the world's culinary heritage. Buying Les Toques Blanches du Monde means supporting our master craftsmen, preserving valuable regions and enhancing taste.

Our mission
Find products with a soul

Lack of choice, lack of diversity, lack of transparency, lack of information ... We have never talked so much about eating well, and yet this quest has never seemed so hard. This is why we are committed to offering you:


Products with character,

By their history and their singularity. Simple and magical products that tell at each bite the unique story they were born with.


Regional specialties,

Found all over the world, to find the best where it is, by choosing authentic products from an origin region which defends a strong culinary heritage: like our creamy risotto grown in Italy, the nutty notes of a Bellota ham that come from Iberian pigs, our sardines just landed from Portugal, or our Soya sauce from Japan, with an authentic recipe since 1688.


Authentic products,

That will surprise you, whether it is the must-haves from the most beautiful restaurants, tips from chefs or secrets from Grandma !

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